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Our shutters last a lifetime, what about our planet?

Did you know that it takes 8000L of water to produce a single kilo of cotton? And that the process of dyeing fabrics is one of the most water wasting methods that often uses harmful chemicals? Or that window decorations such as curtains only last a maximum of 10 years?

In our MYT factory we only use water-based paints with low VOC. We filter and reuse water in our factory processes to minimise water wastage, and all of our products are sourced from trusted and sustainable sources. We are proud to say that we recycle 100% of the cut offs during the manufacturing process, meaning less waste which reaches the landfills.

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Sustainable forest management

MYT only sources our timber from places which use sustainable forest management practices, to protect forests from over-exploitation and deforestation.

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Responsible manufacturing

In our manufacturing facilities we innovate daily to become more efficient in our processes to lower our energy use, reduce waste and educating our team on recycling and other sustainable practices.


Recycling Programs

During manufacturing 100% of our cut offs from the shutters are recycled or re-used ensuring less waste is produced.


Water Waste

In our new high tech paint room we designed a way to reduce 95% of our water usage, and with our filtration system we enable water to be cleaned and re-used, therefore reducing water wastage.

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Sustainable packaging

MYT is leading the way in the industry with our sustainable packaging. We have cut out 100% of our polystyrene, meaning no more harmful non-recyclable materials that will end up in our landfills. Good for the installers and good for the planet.

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The Future is bright

MYT has moved to a new state of the art facilities which is powered by solar power. With our new air filtration and water recycling system we are over 85% more clean and efficient as before.

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Our approach

Sustainability step by step

At MYT Shutters, we are aware that as a company we still have some steps to take to become even more green, but that does not mean we have not already made significant leaps.

From sustainable packaging to our move to a new solar powered manufacturing facilities, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of manufacturing sustainable shutters, not only benefits our planet but also sets new standards for eco-conscious businesses in our industry.

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Our responsibility

Sustainable sourced materials

Sustainability is an important theme for us. We see it as our responsibility to work towards a world in which we treat our planet with love and care. That is why we only work with sustainably sourced materials and only make shutters of the highest quality.

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Because our shutters last a lifetime, but what about out planet?