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Bedroom shutters

The bedroom is where you start and finish each day, the place of rest and recovery. Create a serene atmosphere with bedroom shutters, with excellent light and privacy control is key. Shutters in the bedroom are an excellent solution as they look great and are versatile too, allowing you to regulate your airflow whilst not compromising on light and privacy.

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Shutters in the bedroom

MYT shutters are all manufactured with precision and craftsmanship, meaning every panel is custom made for you. Having top quality expertly installed shutters in your bedroom means minimal light leakage and excellent for creating a serene and restful environment. In addition, people with dust allergies have said to prefer plantation shutters in the bedroom as they are easily cleaned meaning no excess dust in the air or room.

With our dual closure feature, close the blades to one side and remove the dust with a duster or slightly moist towel in one sweeping motion. Close the blades in the opposite direction, open the panel and repeat on the other side.

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All benefits of

Having shutters in your bedroom

Besides being great to look at, having plantation shutters installed in your bedroom is also very practical. Such as:

  • Great at regulating light, privacy and airflow at the same time
  • Easy to clean and doesn’t collect dust like curtains do
  • Available in many different styles, colours and systems
  • Highest quality, water based paint finish
  • Made from premium sustainable materials from our Timber and Polymer range
  • Easy to maintain and uphold
  • No loose parts so safe for the whole family
  • Lasts a lifetime
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Family friendly

Safe and Sustainable

Window shutters are the most sustainable window covering option out there. With their insulating properties and dual closure feature, shutters can close off completely to the top or bottom. Need fresh air in your bedroom? Regulate the airflow in by either circulating warm air out in summer by tilting the blades up, or keep circulating warm air inside in winter by tilting the blades down. Full control over light and privacy in addition to the airflow. Shutters in the bedroom are the ideal solution.

At MYT Shutters we are innovating every day to ensure our bedroom shutters are manufactured in the most responsible way. Did you know that we recycle 100% of our cut offs, filter and reuse water and even have sustainable packaging? To learn more about our efforts to become more sustainable visit our page here.

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Choose bedroom shutters

Finding the perfect shutter solution for your bedroom can seem like a big task. Luckily all our MYT specialists have been hand picked and can offer your custom and expert advice. Curious about the different systems, colours and design options for your bedroom shutters? Find a dealer in your area and have them advise you on all the possibilities.

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