Bathroom Shutters

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Bathroom Shutters

The bathroom is where your window covering must above all be practical, besides being stylish. Easy to clean, facilitate ventilation and preferably also regulate light and most important of all, privacy. Bathroom shutters are the ideal choice for any situation or window type. Our plantation shutters in the bathroom  won’t bow or warp when exposed to temperature changes or moisture. The complete package for window covering in the bathroom, not just a pretty face.

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Moisture resistant

Shutters for your bathroom

Depending on the size and the air flow of your bathroom, we would almost always advise for our Polymer shutters. Our MYT specially formulated virgin polymer is reinforced with an aluminium core and will not discolour, bow or warp when exposed to moisture or temperature changes. Shutters in the bathroom will always be our number one choice.

  • Resistant to moisture and humidity
  • Resistant to temperature change
  • Splash proof
  • Great for ventilation and privacy control
  • Will not bow or warp
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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Badkamer shutters

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Precision and Craftsmanship

Custom made bathroom shutters

At MYT we take pride in every shutter we make. Made with precision and craftsmanship in our very own factory enables us to ensure top quality every single time. Our Polymer shutters are excellent for the bathroom as they are reinforced with our very own patented aluminium core, making the shutter very durable yet relatively light weight. Our paint finish is unparalleled in the industry, with a silky smooth finish which will not lose its shine after being exposed to the bathroom’s humidity. Want a custom colour to match your interior design style? Anything is possible for our specially made bathroom plantation shutters.

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Family friendly

Safe and Sustainable

Shutters are the most sustainable window covering option out there. With their insulating properties and dual closure feature, shutters can close off completely to the top or bottom. Need fresh air in your bathroom? Regulate the airflow in by either circulating warm air out when the bathroom is foggy by tilting the blades up, or keep warm air inside by tilting the blades down. Full control over light and privacy in addition to the airflow. Shutters in the bathroom are the perfect solution for any window.

At MYT Shutters we are innovating every day to ensure our bathroom shutters are manufactured in the most responsible way. Did you know that we recycle 100% of our cut offs, filter and reuse water and even have sustainable packaging? To learn more about our efforts to become more sustainable visit our page here.

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MYT's bathroom shutters

Finding the perfect shutter solution for your bathroom can seem like a big task. Luckily all our MYT specialists have been hand picked and can offer your custom and expert advice. Curious about the different systems, colours and design options for your bathroom shutters? Find a dealer in your area and have them advise you on all the possibilities.

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