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Shutter Collection

The unique collection of MYT Shutters combines design, craftsmanship and sustainability in everything we do. Our shutters are made in our own state-of-the-art factory, using only the highest quality materials. We pride ourselves in being the shutter specialists as we focus on no other products besides shutters.

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Quality and design

Our shutter products

Our shutters come in timber, polymer and aluminium. Each material has their own unique benefits and characteristics, to create the ideal solution in every environment.

All our shutters are crafted in our own factory, which means we have full control over the entire process, from sourcing the raw materials, to manufacturing bespoke custom made shutters. This is how we ensure the highest quality gets delivered to you. Every single time. Owning our own factory means we get to lead the way in innovation. We hold over 27 patents on products and machines and continue to innovate daily. All our shutters are made with precision and care, straight from our factory to your home.

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A smart investment

Benefits of having shutters

Shutters are the superior window covering option on the market. Besides being elegant and stylish, there are a host of other benefits for having shutters for your home.

  • Shutters last a lifetime
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Safe for the whole family
  • Control over light, privacy and airflow
  • Sustainable window covering option
  • Environmentally friendly, solar powered factory
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging

Did you know our shutters are made in a sustainable way and that we recycle and reuse in our manufacturing process to reduce our waste and energy consumption?

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Special shape

Custom made shutters

All our shutters are custom made to fit your interior or exterior flawlessly. A certified MYT specialist will always come to your home to give personal advice for your windows, doors or outside space. Whether you are from John o’ Groats or Lizard Point or anywhere in between. Ensuring you never have to worry about measuring or installing the shutters yourself. 

Even special shaped windows are no problem for shutters. Whether you have a round, arched, angled or any other shape window, at MYT Shutters we always come with the best solution for your shaped windows.

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Outdoor shutters
Outdoor living

Shutters for your exterior

Looking for the perfect solution for your exterior? Extend your living area outside, whether you have a patio or want to fix your shutters on the outside of your home, our cyclone tested Aluminium shutters are the strongest on the market and perfect for any outdoor situation. Made from the highest quality Aluminium, covered with a scratch resistant powder coat, these shutters can weather any storm. With our latest Aluminium features there is something for everyone. 

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