Our history

Our company was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2005 by a woman with a vision: To make the best quality shutters possible and give back to the planet at the same time.

Our founders

Mei Dong started MYT Shutters to create beautiful, timeless window furnishings that would provide a bridge between her Chinese roots and contemporary Western design.

The initials MYT are derived from the Chinese characters 美宜通.  They symbolise the beauty and elegance of shutters and the harmony they bring to our homes. Additionally, the initials connect Mei’s name with her daughter’s name thus providing a link from the past and into the future.

Our board

Scott has over 30 years of industry experience and has been involved with shutters for 28 of those.

He has a vast knowledge of the Window Furnishings Industry and is intimately familiar with all MYT Shutters‘ products and can recall the individual specifications for all components.

MYT Shutters

100% focus on shutters

Trusted worldwide

Created for you

To create high-quality shutters in an environmentally responsible manner. To make homes more beautiful and leave behind a better planet, “for you”. That is why our shutters are sustainably crafted in our own factory. It allows us to innovate, maintain quality, and create the perfect shutters, for you.

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