Design options

Our shutters are easy to use and smooth to install. With our design options you can create and customise your shutters exactly as you want.

Special shapes for you

Innovation, quality and craftsmanship. This is what distinguishes MYT Shutters. Our shutters are crafted in our own factory, this allows us to create shutters in almost any special shape. Whether you have a round, oval, angled, or octagonal windows, we create the perfect shutters to accentuate the characteristics of your window.

  • Tier on Tier and Cafe Style options
  • French door cutouts, Bay window, Corner Window
  • Hinged, Double Hinged, and Fixed panels
  • Bi-fold, and Sliding Systems

Frames and mounting

MYT Shutters are easy to install and are created to cover almost any window. In order to do so, we offer different frames and mounting solutions. If you live in an older flat or house with uneven walls and windows, then our custom frames are perfect for you. They allow you to get a perfect fit by mounting a custom frame and installing the shutters inside the frame. The result is a professional finish that accentuates the characteristics of your walls and windows.

  • Beaded Reveal Frame
  • Z Frames
  • Décor Frames
  • Bullnose Frame
  • Face Frame
  • Flat Reveal Frames
  • Architrave Replacement Frames

Panel  options

MYT Shutters provides you with all the options you need to create the perfect look for your home.

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